Writer's Block: And the Apple Goes To
Who is/was your favorite teacher in school?
my favorite teacher was my seventh grade social studies teacher mr kemp.

Writer's Block: Call Me
Do you still use a landline at home, or do you rely completely on your cell phone?
we have a landline.
but i prefer the cell phone.
because for example in a storm when the power goes out, the cell phone is still working.
and its just easier for me to deal with.

Writer's Block: You're a Winner!
Have you ever won a contest, drawing, or lottery? What was the prize?
yes, at hampton beach i won a hula hooping contest.
& i dont remember what the prize was.
i think it was just a few hula hoops.
and i have won awards from elementary school.
and for volleyball and cheerleading.

Writer's Block: Childhood Firsts
my first word was dada.

Writer's Block: Significant Change
Have you ever tried to change yourself for someone you were in a relationship with (or wanted to be in a relationship with)? Did it work?
i have tried to change myself.
and it did not work at all.
it just made things worse.
i will never do that again.
you shouldnt want to be with them if they dont like you for you.

(no subject)
hey guys :)

Writer's Block: Fearsome
The boogeyman, global thermonuclear war, being forced to eat broccoli—there's a lot to be afraid of when you're a kid. What was your biggest childhood fear?
my cousin had a scream mask ; and everytime we would watch one of those movies my older family members would scare me .
so i guess you could say that i was scared of him .
and to be honest i still am .

Writer's Block: Open Arms
Have you ever spontaneously hugged someone you didn't know? Or received an unexpected embrace from a stranger?
yeah i have hugged someone i didn't know.
and someone i didn't know hugged my too.
it was a little kid though.

(no subject)
well i really liked this boy named bryan and alright this is how it is at school there is 3 main people.
me bailey and bryan. all bestfriends.
well i really really really liked bryan and bailey and bryan knew that and bryan and bailey hung out kissed and then he asked her out .
and she said yes.
and she is my bestfriend. im sorry but i thought that came off a little like weird since she said that she would never go out with him again and that she could never like him.
and im just a bit mad since like she knew how much i liked him and she still said yes.
and he also had told me that he liked me.
anyways yeah im friends with them now and we never stopped talking its just weird being around them.
eh and she told me that she wasnt the type that likes to be all over him in front of me cause that would be mean.
i mean how much more mean could it get.
i just feel like there is a huge part of my stomache missing. so yeah eh its weird.

-xoxo ashley(:


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